My determination is greater than my challenges – Salem Egoh

In this week’s segment of YabaCitizen, we got to sit and talk with multi-talented Artist and Digital Marketer, Salem Egoh. He spoke about developing interests in the arts from childhood in Yaba, and what has made him a success story. Enjoy.

Tell us about your Childhood.

I grew up in Iwaya-Onike area of Yaba. That is where I spent my formative years. My mother was a teacher while my father was a clergyman. So, I received some support learning from home.

It was a nice experience growing up in Yaba. It is a kind of mixed environment where you have the middle class. So, it was fun mixing up with the other kids around. I played basketball and football with my peers. I had lovely parents and my childhood was fun.

Early education.

I went to St. Agnes primary school at Onike, for my First School Leaving Certificate. My father was a great source of inspiration for me. Being a clergyman, he was bound to write and publish edifying books, articles, and poems, and he made sure to get me involved with him in that even at an early age. He actually taught me the process and art of writing, especially poems and I cherished those moments.

Post-Primary Education

Afterwards, I went to Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Junior High School in Sabo area of Yaba. When I was in JSS2, my dad enrolled me in a music school where I learnt to play the piano and other musical instruments like the drums, the guitar. I later learnt how to play the saxophone on my own.

I attended Ilasan Secondary School, Lekki, for my senior secondary education.

Later on, I attended the Lagos State University, LASU, where I studied Accounting for my first degree. I also acquired a degree in Political Science from the National Open University, NOUN. Over the years I have acquired ICT skills including Digital Marketing, Web Development and so on.

I believe in self-education and the ability to choose to learn anything and be good at it. I learnt a lot of things with the help of Internet.

How and when did you develop an interest in the arts?

I have always been a multi-talented artist. As a young child, I was a polymath – was able to do and had interest in many things. Growing up I spent my time painting or just learning something new or creating new things. And now, I guess all those early abilities helped shape my view of the multiple things I can do.

I am a musician, a painter, a craftsman, multi-talented instrumentalist, a music producer, a rapper, an author, the list goes on.

I am an author of several publications, one of which is the Pidgin English Bible which we just translated. It can be found at

My journey as an artist has been a wonderful and tremendous one. I am a kind of person who does not settle for less. I think big. Although I have been faced with several challenges but my determination to succeed helps me to surmount them.

If given the opportunity, what would you do differently?

Absolutely nothing. I have no regrets in life. So far, I have used my time wisely. Time is the most important resource in life, and I think that I have been most judicious with it. I have read a lot of books, learnt a lot of things and I still have the mindset that there is so much more to learn. So, there is nothing I would change.

What’s the biggest factor that has helped you be successful/success habits?

Being an artist requires consistence and persistence, being ambitious and thinking big. You need to have a success mindset. I set big goals and dreams for myself, so those dreams motivate me.

On average, I work about 16-18 hours a day. It takes hardwork and discipline to become a successful person in life, especially an as artist because an artist is an entrepreneur, so you need to be disciplined and hold yourself accountable for your tasks and goals and all you want to accomplish.

Last remarks.

I would say to the youths out there, set big goals and work hard on them, because it is through hardwork you will discover smarter ways to work. Don’t give up on yourself, stay focused, invest in self-development and learning.

Be excited about life and don’t be lacklustre. Do what that which you love to do. People used to advise me to focus on one area of my pool of skills to be successful, but I just couldn’t because all of those things is who I am. Follow your dreams, run for public offices, give yourself time to learn and grow.

Most importantly, stay away from crime, do honest and legal things to promote the economy.

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