FOS SUCCESS organises 1st inter-club ludo game in Iwaya

Gaming is an integral part of human and instituting games as competitions has however added more shine to it because the winner gets to go home with a prize and not just pride.

The people of Victoria Street, Iwaya over the weekend, availed themselves of the holidays made possible due to the Easter celebrations as FOS Success Nigeria Ltd., in conjunction with Ijoko Agba organized the first Ludo Game Inter-Club Competition.

While speaking with FOS Director, Fatola Oluwasegun, he explained the necessity of community games such as this to foster healthy competiton among community youths. He said, “FOS seeks to bring about more than just social media interactions amongst youths. Rather, through inter-community games like this, physical connections and healthy rivalry are established among community members.”

The competition was a huge success as a lot of clubs registered and participated in the competition. The competitors had a swell time trying to outdo one another in the highly mind-tasking game.

At the end of the games, medals were presented to Alli Saheed from Recommended Base emerged the overall winner, Olufemi Olatunji from Gbadu Base on Owode Street emerged the 2nd, while Cheevo from Supreme Club came 3rd.

The participants commended the tournament organizers. According to them, the competition fostered unity among the inhabitants of Iwaya and as the holidays come to an end the memories of the games will stick with the people of Victoria Street, Iwaya, as they anticipate subsequent editions of similar games.

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