7 exciting reasons Lagosians love Easter

After Christmas and New Year, the most anticipated holiday among Nigerians, especially Lagosians, is Easter. On Easter Sunday in Lagos, many Christians go to church. Usually, families gather early in the morning, dressed in their Sunday best and then make their way to church together, and afterwards – as on most holidays – they eat quite a lot (I know you’re guilty, LOL).

But apart from the feasts that accompany the celebrations, here are 7 exciting reasons why Lagosians love to celebrate Easter.

It is a deserved break from your regular routine
Going to work, running a business, or even staring at the computer screen for hours is going to be on pause for a few days.

Enough shows and events
There is hardly ever a scarcity of Easter events to organise or attend in Lagos (ain’t no party like the Lagos party…). You can always trust musical artistes to perform at some Easter Monday events or another. Even families organise little get-togethers in the spirit of Easter.

No work
The Easter break gives Lagosians a break from the hustle and bustle that they are wont to do. Albeit short, Easter holiday serves as a time to take a deep breath for the long race until it is Christmas again.

Spend a good time with family and friends
How best to enjoy Easter than in the company of loved ones. Whether going to the beach together, or visiting new restaurants, the Easter holiday provides some time to enjoy with family and friends.

Discount sales
As on other holidays, Lagosians look forward to saving some bucks on their purchases by waiting until the Easter sales have begun before buying items that they have been eyeing for a while.

Opportunity to Travel home
Merely spending some time with family and friends around isn’t enough, as some Lagosians use the time to travel into the hinterlands of Nigeria to be with people they see so little of.

Rest & Sleep
Yep! For the pandas amongst us, it’s just the perfect time for uninterrupted sleep. lol

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