The best clothes market Mainlanders should visit

Since the inception of online shopping, physical clothes shopping outlets have had to face heavy competition due to the number of vendors who now trade online.

However, quite a number of people are still reluctant to shop for clothes online to avoid the risk of being scammed by internet vendors and the usual exorbitant delivery prices that comes with it.

Another worry is the delivery time and the delivery person to use before their online products arrive at their doorsteps.

Shoppers can’t deny that there are many benefits of physical market shopping that you can’t get from online stores; like having varieties to choose from and also haggling prices with sellers.

The major markets in Lagos are located on the Mainland and there are different markets for different goods. 

We will focus on major markets you can get your clothes and clothing items ranging from different grades of thrift ready-made clothes, laces, wrappers and even fairly-used okrika clothes at good deals.

And if you are lucky enough to know the market days of every market, you’ll get a good deal for your money’s worth.

Katangua Market

Also known as Super Market is also one of the major clothes market on the mainland. Although closer to people living at Abule Egba and its environs. You will get affordable casual and corporate outfits here. The best days to visit Katangua are: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays that’s when you get new stocks or “bale.”

Yaba Market

Yaba market is arguably one of the most populous markets on the Mainland. The market offers great clothes at fair prices for both young and old and for any gender.

It especially benefits the students of Unilag and Yabatech and workers around the vicinity. Wednesday is one of Yaba market days.

Tejuosho Ultra Modern Market

This market shares border with Yaba Market mentioned above. The ‘Ultra Modern’ simply means you can’t get clothes as cheap as you would in Yaba.

This is where most upper-middle-class shoppers come to get their wears but this doesn’t mean you can’t get good rates; it just depends on the kind of shops as long as you know how to negotiate with the sellers.

Aswani Market

Although not one of the bigger markets, it is certainly one of the cheapest. It is located along Oshodi/Apapa Expressway.

This market favours people residing along Oshodi, Okota, Mushin and Isolo. 

Wednesdays are the market days for this market. 

Oshodi Market

Considered the second-largest market in Lagos, this market isn’t just restricted to clothes alone, you can get anything and everything and since our focus is on clothes, your main focus should be on Cairo Market which is a section of the main market. 

You can easily especially get fabrics to add to your bespoke wear and clothes without having to walk too far into the market. 

Trade Fair

The Lagos International Trade Fair is located just after Abule Ado. This boisterous market is the largest trade exhibition in the country.

It hosts a large number of traders so you can be assured that the market will cater to your various clothing needs.  

This market especially benefits residents of Iyana Iba, Ojo, Volks, Festac, Mile 2, and its surroundings.

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