Pelu Awofeso to produce documentary on Bishop Samuel Ajayi-Crowther

Award-Winning Nigerian travel journalist Pelu Afoweso is set to release a documentary to spotlight the life of respected Sierra-Leonean/Nigerian clergy and linguist Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther.

It was gathered that the travel journalist titled the future work ‘In The Footsteps of Bishop Crowther’.

Speculation has it that the documentary is likely to feature a six-man trip to 20 locations during the span of 10 weeks. The sites will contain places visited by the clergyman in his days.

Cities to be covered include Badagry, Opobo, Brass, Okrika, Lokoja, Bidda, Minna, Idah amongst others.

It’s worthy to know that Bishop Ajayi was among the early African Anglican bishops in West Africa, and he transcribed the holy bible into the indigenous language of the Yoruba people. He also made a dictionary in the same usage.

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