Yaba: The Pulse of Lagos Mainland

Geographically speaking, Lagos is basically divided into two major parts as far as location is concerned; those who reside on the Island and those who reside on the Mainland. These areas are separated by one of the longest bridges in Africa – the Third Mainland Bridge. When you speak of the mainland part of Lagos, especially in terms of its popularity and being home to most hubs and hotspots, you can hardly ignore Yaba. In fact, it is safe to refer to Yaba as the heartbeat of Lagos Mainland.

Yaba is a cosmopolitan hub for blue chip companies, startups, relaxation spots as well as having the highest concentration of educational institutions in any community in Nigeria. In addition, Yaba is not devoid of the Lagos madness. Major environs and areas in and around the Yaba area include Onipanu, Akoka, CommercialAvenue, HerbertMacaulayWay, Alagomejiand Tejuosho among others.

Living the Life

As one of the major and most popular neighbourhoods in the Lagos mainland, you cannot be cut short of fun as it houses a lot of restaurants, local bukaterias, clubs, lounges, cinemas, museums and tech hubs.

Who You Would Meet

In this neighbourhood, you can find people of different classes in the society. From tech whiz kids to passionate traders and savvy businesspeople, erudite scholars and academic luminaries to mention a few. In a nutshell, if you have not been to Yaba, you have not been anywhere. This is the place to live, work, learn and basically experience life the Lagos way.

The Real Estate Market

Yaba is strategically located at the heart of the Lagos Mainland. It is also close to the Third Mainland Bridge which links Lagos Island and Lagos Mainland. These facts positively influence the value of properties in the neighbourhood. The beauty about real estate in Yaba is the fact that it is quite affordable. You would not have to spend the ridiculous amount of money that people spend to acquire property on the island or other highbrow areas of the mainland, yet you would get choice property. Talk about peace of mind without necessarily breaking the bank!


From the posh restaurants to the local food spots, you would find them in droves in Yaba. You can watch movies at Ozone Cinemas on Commercial Avenue, eat at White House, Signature or Firewood and party at Road Runners Club. Yaba is a centre hub for technology. The cost of living in this neighbourhood is quite affordable. The Yaba night life is an experience to relish giving you all the vibes one can find in Lagos. Yaba is a one-stop centre for everything and anything you want.

Where to shop

The Tejuosho Ultra Modern Shopping Centre, and the E-centre are places where you can do all your shopping whether conventional or unconventional shopping. In addition, there are many stores where you can make small purchases.

Now, why would you want to work or live anywhere else?

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