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Hello People,

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! This year’s celebration is quite a special mix considering it is a Sunday. I was in church earlier today and the mix of red and white attires and the love in the air almost had me swooning. Wow! We really love to express love in this our part of the world.

From the beginning of this month, people have set in motion major plans to celebrate this ‘big day’ that it almost feels like a second Christmas! It is in the spirit of this celebration that I introduce to you our latest baby – YabaCity

Before you begin to wonder what this is about, YabaCity is our online community projected to be the melting pot for the entire Yaba community and its environs. Whether you live in Yaba or not, YabaCity has something to offer you.

The exciting segments of YabaCity would get you hooked and wanting for more – From YabaNews where you get hot gists of happenings in Yaba to YabaBiz, where we focus on businesses in Yaba. By the way, you can advertize your business for free here. Hit us up on This is a time-bound offer though so you might want to grab it while it’s hot!

YabaGov talks about the developments and strides of the administration of the Yaba Local Council Development Area. There’s quite a lot happening you really should know about. Of course, our campus gists are not left out with YabaCampus, focusing on the gists and gossip from the tertiary institutions and you know Yaba is definitely home to some of Nigeria’s finest institutions of higher learning. We also have MyYaba which features everyday residents of Yaba where they answer simple questions. MyYaba is also an opportunity to ‘market’ yourself and find interesting people or people who may be interested in you. Would you like to be featured in MyYaba? Hit us up asap on

YabaCitizen takes the interview a notch higher and takes a detailed look into the lives of selected residents of Yaba as they share their inspiring stories. YabaGuy and YabaBabe gives you real life stories of people and their experiences living and/or working in Yaba in a personal series format.

Now wouldn’t you want to jump on this sizzling offering? I bet you would. Subscribe to our updates today on

YabaCity would come to your inboxes every Sunday (unless you decide to unsubscribe which I know won’t happen anyway. Lol). Stay tuned for our updates. Visit us on

Please feel free to reach out to us with your feedbacks and suggestions. Your opinion matters a lot to us. Afterall, if we write and you do not read, wetin we gain? Watch out for our videos, podcasts and radio shows. You can also follow us on social media on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Lots of love from all of us at YabaCity.

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