Fun Things to do in Yaba

Located centrally between Lagos Island and Lagos Mainland metro, and clustered with an array of educational institutions, a thriving tech community, plenty of fun spots and a good number of residential areas, Yaba is one of the most budding neighbourhoods in Lagos.

A transit town linking Surulere, Ikeja, Obalende and the fact that it houses the University of Lagos popularly called UNILAG adds to the appeal of Yaba as a vibrant Lagos suburb.

There’s actually life on the mainland all ye Island people (ya heard!). So, if you find yourself in the area and are looking for some fun things to do in Yaba, here are some of them.

Visit some nightclubs on the Mainland

“Ain’t no party like a Lagos party…” sang famous musician Banky W and yes we all agree!

Lagos is a city where we work and play twice as hard – which is quite impressive because we need to be rewarded after the grind and hustle. The city of Yaba offers an array of cool spots to unwind, especially weeknights. House of Haze, Banilux Bar, The Gondola Club, and many more, are some of the best clubs to socialise.

Eat Amala at Canada restaurant or White House

Yeah, you read right…and no, you’re not flying to Canada or to the US of A. Canada restaurant is right in Ebute Metta, an adjoining neighbourhood to Yaba (by the 3rd Mainland Bridge) where you can also find White House restaurant.

You’ve heard about the Legends of the Amala and I tell you, these are some of the best places to eat Amala in Lagos. Both restaurants are known for their Amala/Gbegiri/Ewedu, Rice and Moi Moi meals.

Go thrift shopping at Yaba Market

Yaba Market is also known as Tejuosho Market. Here you can buy anything from a pair of jeans, jackets, pants, suit, tuxedos, polos, t-shirts, bow ties, shoes to other fashionable accessories and second-hand clothes at knock-down prices. Yaba Market is open from morning to night so whatever time you arrive there, you’ll always find something interesting to buy.

Take a stroll inside UNILAG

Unilag has paved and linked walkways with trees that provide protection from the scorching sun. the paved roads are ideal for evening strolls and jogging for sports enthusiasts. While at it, ensure you visit the Lagoon Resort Waterfront which offers a rich view of the 3rd Mainland Bridge.

Visit Makoko (The Venice of Africa)

Like Venice, Makoko is a floating city but lacks the super yachts and luxury lifestyle of the Italian city. Gliding through the waterways in boats is an interesting point of attraction in the city; however, some visitors are drawn here with the aim of doing some charity work. The area is mostly inhabited by peasant fishermen and petty traders. It can be sighted from the 3rd Mainland Bridge en route the Island. If you want to do some charitable work for the less privileged people in Lagos, this is one area you can visit.

Watch a movie at Ozone Cinemas

Located on Commercial Avenue, the E-Centre is one of the most popular entertainment hubs in Yaba that houses Ozone Cinemas. The adjoining streets have a lot of restaurants, bars and suya spots. So, if you’re in the area and want to watch a movie, this is the go-to spot.

Check out old buildings

Most of the houses in Ebute-Metta and Yaba were built during the colonial era, using Brazillian architecture. The area, divided into East and West is home to notable buildings including the Nigerian Railway Corporation headquarters, Post Office, Oyingbo, and a major bus terminal which makes for an attractive sight-seeing.

Do you think we missed out on something? What are the other fun things to do in Yaba? We’d like to hear your thought in the comments section below.

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