Radio and Television Ownership – A luxury you should pay for!

A lot of Lagos residents probably do not even know about a levy approved 10 years ago, in 2010. This is the Radio and Television Licensing Fees (RTV for short). Simply put, the RTV license fees is a levy expected to be paid by households in various parts or districts of the city who have access to televisions or radios. Now, if you ask me; that’s basically everyone! I would be very surprised if there is anyone within Yaba LCDA who does not have access to a television or a radio. Do you know how much you have to pay? What is this license some of us still don’t know anything about? Is it something illegal or is it completely legal?

Nigerians have to pay various levies to their government and local councils. Some of the taxes sound surprising, especially in the 21st century but they exist legally. One of the laws passed in 2010 approved special taxes collected by local government councils (LGC) in Lagos State and across some other areas across Nigeria. Right now, we would like to talk about Radio and TV license in Lagos. Note that this is not a broadcasting license. These are taxes and levies that are to be collected within the State.

The law that outlines the list of licenses to be paid by citizens in Lagos State includes the following official taxes and levies the Local Government Areas (LGAs) and Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) are mandated to collect. They include:

  • TV and radio licence fee
  • Kiosk/Shop fee
  • Liquor sale license
  • Tenement fee
  • Fee for registering street names
  • Motorcycle/tricycle/bicycle/truck/canoe/cart fee
  • Pet fees
  • Parking fees
  • Vehicle radio licence fee
  • Transmitter/communication equipment fees
  • Fee for registering births, marriages, deaths
  • Slaughter slab taxes

As you can see there is the item on this list about ‘radio and tv license fee in Lagos’ and this means that those people who are watching TV or listening to radio stations at home are expected to pay for using mass media.

Please also note that if you have TV or radio in your motor vehicles, you do not necessarily have to pay radio and TV license fee in Lagos, since this option is excluded from the 2010 law. We would double check on this and come back to you if there has been any new development on this.

Since the license on using television and radio are official in Lagos State, Lagosians need to know how much it costs. As at today,  each household is expected to pay a sum of N1,500 per annum for using TVs and radios at home. Companies and individuals who actually operate radios or televisions in their offices have to pay N50,000 per year. These fees can be paid through accredited banks or if you would are a resident of Yaba LCDA, you can save yourself the trouble of banking halls or queues and simply make your payment on YabaPay®. Visit: to do this.

Who has to pay for TV and radio licence in Lagos?

People who have TV or radio equipment in their house/flat/apartment. Store owners who have TV or radio equipment in their business location.

Who doesn’t have to pay the TV taxes?

People and businesses who have no TV/radio instrument or equipment in their store/at home.

As stated by law, only authorized people can collect the official radio and television licence fees in Lagos. They are allowed by law to enter your office at working hours and inspect everything. Those businesses and individuals who refuse to pay their license fee per year may have to pay some extra fine.

Over the next few weeks, we would be talking more about some of this levy and more official levies you might not know about but you are expected to pay as a resident of Yaba LCDA and Lagos State in general.

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