Hernandez’s Wife Accuses Him Of Having An Affair With Ronaldo’s Ex-Girlfriend

Lucas Hernandez’s wife, Amelia Lorente, has accused the Bayern Munich star of cheating on her with Cristiano Ronaldo’s model ex, Cristina Buccino.

According to Italy 24 Press News, via BILD, rumours about Hernandez’s alleged affair with Buccino have been circulating for some time.

On Monday afternoon, April 24, Hernandez’s wife took to social media to expose the pair.

Lorente shared an Instagram story accusing Hernandez of cheating on her with Buccino and tagged the Bayern Munich star and the Italian model.

She said: ‘You can stop playing both sides now, Lucas Hernandez. I give it to you, Cristina Buccino. Don’t forget that you have two children that you don’t come to see.’

Lorente – who shared the story to her 112k followers on Instagram – went on to delete every photo that included Hernandez from her profile.

Lorente made the accusations while Hernandez was in Milan watching his brother Theo play against Lecce.

Buccino is an Italian model who dated Ronaldo back in 2016 after meeting the former Manchester United forward in his native country, Portugal.

Speaking about her first encounter with Ronaldo, Buccino said: ‘I arrived at this place and Cristiano Ronaldo was there.’

She went on to add: ‘We met, noticed, our eyes met, and then he invited me to dinner, like a gentleman. He is a great guy.’

Buccino and Ronaldo’s romance did not blossom into a relationship but they did date. Buccino is also said to have had an affair with Aleksandar Kolarov, according to BILD.

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