Top 10 Football Players with Most Goals for a Single Premier League Club

There have been many one-club legends in the illustrious history of the English top flight.

Goal-scoring ability and loyalty are what every club in the world dreams of their players. Especially in the modern era of football, players rarely show loyalty.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever see someone like Francesco Totti, who has spent his entire career at Roma despite being pursued on numerous occasions by the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester United.

However, there have been some big names in the Premier League who have only worn one shirt throughout their career. People like Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero and Steven Gerrard are perfect examples.

Guess what, we wanted to look at the top 10 Premier League players with the most goals for a single Premier League club.

10. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)- 120 Goals

Steven Gerrard is arguably the biggest figure in Liverpool’s history. The English midfielder devoted his whole career to the Merseyside club and took them to many glories, including the 2005 Champions League triumph.

He played for the Reds for the first time in the 1998-99 season and for the last time in the 2014-15 season. In between, he scored a mammoth 120 goals, which is a big tally for a midfielder.

9. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)- 125 Goals

Mohamed Salah is one of the best footballers around the world at the moment. He has been one of the biggest names in the Premier League since joining Liverpool in 2017.

Although his journey began with Chelsea, it wasn’t meant to be his destination. His career has flourished on Merseyside, where he’s won many personal accolades.

As well as winning the Golden Boot three times in the Premier League, he has also scored more goals in a season than any other player.

8. Robbie Fowler (Liverpool)- 128 Goals

This list also includes Robbie Fowler, another cult Liverp`ool figure. One of the most decorated strikers of all-time, the Englishman began his Premier League career with the Merseyside club.

He had two stints at Liverpool, scoring 120 goals in his first stint from 1993 to 2001. In the 2006/07 season, he returned to the club and scored eight more goals.

7. Jamie Vardy (Leicester City)- 134 Goals

Jamie Vardy is not only a legendary figure at Leicester City but also a true great of English Football. His career began in the National League and he went through all divisions to become one of the best in the world.

The English striker has scored 134 goals for the Foxes and isn’t going slow even at the age of 35. He even has a Golden Boot to his name which he won during the 2019-20 season.

6. Frank Lampard (Chelsea)- 147 Goals

There is no doubt that Frank Lampard is one of the most iconic midfielders to ever play in the Premier League. The Englishman was a dominant force in the middle of the park.

Although he played as a midfielder, his rockets from outside the box always caused opponents the biggest headaches. He scored a total of 147 goals for Chelsea in 429 appearances.

5. Alan Shearer (Newcastle United)- 148 Goals

Alan Shearer is the holder of many goalscoring records in the Premier League.

The English striker also holds the record for scoring the most goals in the Premier League and is the only player to score 100 goals for two different clubs.

He scored over 100 goals for both Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United. However, his inclusion on this list is due to his 148 goals at Newcastle United.

4. Thierry Henry (Arsenal)- 175 Goals

Thierry Henry were synonymous during his time at Arsenal. Throughout his time with the Gunners, the French striker was an exemplary in front of goal.

In that time period, he scored 174 goals and contributed significantly to Arsenal’s dominance under Arsène Wenger.

However, his star declined after leaving the Premier League and he even returned to Arsenal in 2012 on loan, scoring one goal in four appearances.

3. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)- 183 Goals

The third spot is occupied by Wayne Rooney, who held this record for years before Sergio Aguero broke it in 2021. Rooney is considered the best striker United have ever had, and he played like a real Red Devil during his time at the club.

He scored 183 goals for United and was the main reason behind many triumphs at Old Trafford, from Premier League glory to the Champions League.

2. Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)- 184 Goals

It is hard to argue that Sergio Aguero is not the best foreign striker in the Premier League and is the biggest name of Manchester City.

It was the Argentine who helped the Citizens go from mid-table to world-beaters and changed their fortunes.

However, Aguero’s career was cut short by heart problems, which led him to retire prematurely. Nevertheless, he will always be remembered for his outstanding performances in the Premier League.

1. Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)- 200 Goals

Harry Kane is the first-ever player in the history of the English Premier League to score 200 goals for a single club.

The 29 years old man beat a long-standing Jimmy Greaves record to become Tottenham Hotspur’s all-time top scorer when he bagged his 200th Premier League goal during his side’s 1-0 win over Manchester City on Sunday, 5th of February.

This English striker is arguably the best in the modern era of the Premier League and his numbers prove it.

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