4 Snoring Causes and Prevention Strategies

When you snore, a hoarse sound will be produced because breathing is partially obstructed.

Also while sleeping, the tissues in your throat are relaxed. Snoring could cause headache, gasping or choking at night, restless night, sore throat upon waking up and chest pain.

In this article, we will be looking at some causes of snoring and how to prevent it.

1. Your mouth anatomy and sleeping position.

If the piece of tissue hanging from the soft palate is elongated, airflow could be obstructed and vibration will be increased, thereby causing snoring. Also sleeping, in a way that your throat is narrow could cause this.

2. Not having proper sleep.

When you don’t have proper sleep, it could cause snoring to occur because your throat will tend to undergo further relaxation.

3. Taking a lot of alcohol.

When you drink too much alcohol, especially before bedtime it will make your throat muscles relax too much, thereby causing an obstruction which causes snoring.

4. Nasal Problems.

When you have some nasal problems like catarrh it could cause nasal congestion and that could lead to snoring because your breathing has been affected.

Tips to help prevent snoring.

1. Try to lose weight if you are overweight.

2. Sleep on your side.

3. Avoid smoking and limit your drinking of alcohol.

4. Try and get enough sleep.

5. Raise the head of the bed to elevate you.

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