7 Top Romantic Valentine’s Day Activities to Try in 2023

It’s just a few more days to this year’s valentine’s day and the pressure seems to be getting worser.

Gift vendors are doing the most with all the for him and for her packages, singles and the heartbroken ones are choked up with jealousy and their regular chants of na mumu dey love.

But it is common knowledge even to the ones who have never experienced love that it is a beautiful thing. Since many people consider this to be the most romantic day of the year, having a plan (even if it’s a simple one!) in place is crucial to making your partner feel loved.

Finding valentine’s day ideas that work for you and your relationship, however, can be difficult. The good news is that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day however you want (or skip it entirely if it’s not your thing).

Whether you’re married, in a long-term relationship, or in a more casual situation, it’s a good idea to discuss with your partner what your ideal Valentine’s Day would look like or plan the day as a surprise for them.

While gifts are a good way to express love to your partner, here are some top romantic activities to try:

Spend Valentine’s Day as a tourist in your own city or town by booking a hotel room, inn, bed & breakfast, or vacation home rental. This will allow you and your partner to enjoy the rest of the day without interruptions.

You can order room service, watch movies, play games, and do whatever romantic activities you enjoy doing with your partner.

Play masseuse and give your partner a massage. Light some candles, get some fancy oils, read up on some massage techniques, and set the mood for a romantic couples massage. Take turns in massaging each other and from there take it to another level.

Make a menu of you and your partner’s favorite foods. Spend a romantic time preparing each other’s delicacies because food always tastes better when prepared with love.

If you are ready to go all out, dress up, go to a restaurant, and treat yourselves to an exquisite dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for a romantically lit, highly sexy lap dance. Get some romantic-colored lighting, and sensual music, and put on an erotic show for your partner.

Although it may appear simple, dinner and a movie is a timeless combinations for a reason. Besides, when was the last time you got out of bed to see a movie in a theater?

To make the experience seem even more elevated, visit one of those fancy cinemas or film houses that serve drinks and snacks.

Bring it all back to the beginning! Head back to where you went on your first date (or simply recreate the vibe if you’ve since moved away) and reflect on how far you’ve come since that first night full of sweaty palms and jittery small talk.

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