Fire guts shanties in Ebute Metta, Lagos

Fire gutted some shanties in Ebute Metta area of Lagos State, Monday afternoon.

The fire incident happened at Kadara by Osholake within Kadara market streets, Oko Baba Saw Mill.

According to sources, men of the fire service were drafted to the area to put the situation under control.

Based on the video posted by a twitter user, the fire was seen raging with smoke and spewing into the atmosphere.

The fire reportedly razed shops and destroyed property.

This is neither the first or second time residents and shop owners around the Okobaba area of Ebute Metta would lose their properties to fire incidents.

In November 2019, a fire incident razed down many buildings at the plank market.

The inferno, which reportedly started from one building extended to five other buildings at Okobaba Plank Market.

In January 2022, many shanties at Okobaba sawmill were reduced to ashes following a fire outbreak from one of the wooden buildings.

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