LASBCA plans to rid off weak buildings

Following the recent building collapse in some areas of the state, the Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Dr. Idris Salako has disclosed that the government is instituting a lot of far-reaching measures to reform the regulatory environment.

He averred that all hands must be on deck to tackle the menace of building collapse as the recurring events, especially during the rainy season, are quite worrisome and require holistic measures from all and sundry.

He said the measures include the application of stage-detection technology, automation of the activities of the Physical Planning Ministry and its agencies as well as the creation of more district offices to have more presence in remote parts of the State for detecting illegal and distressed buildings.

Salako made this known after another a three-floor structure collapsed along Chris Ngadi Avenue, Ago Palace Way, Okota.

He noted, however, that a cursory report of the collapse suggested that a section of the building gave way due to overdensity, stressing that no lives were lost even though the building was in use, while the site had been cordoned off to guarantee safety.

The Commissioner stated that a detailed investigation into the remote and immediate causes of the collapse has been ordered.

Furthermore, he pointed out that another structure under construction on the same street was completely pulled down by LASBCA for poor construction, the use of inferior materials and in order to avert danger.

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