Fire incident: Hon. Essien visits incident site

Charges the police to launch instant investigation
Plans relief materials for victims

The Executive Chairman of Lagos Mainland Local Government, Hon. Mrs. Omolola Essien has visited the victims and scenes of a fire disaster at Willoughby Street.

A lot of houses were, on Sunday evening, burnt to ashes after a fire outbreak at Willoughby Street from cemetery to Bola Street and beyond. A sizeable number of shops were also looted by hoodlums during the unfortunate event.

While the remote cause of the fire could not be ascertained, the council boss has charged all the security agencies at the scene to launch a full-scale investigation into the incident. Also, while sympathizing with the victims of the fire disaster on Bola Street, the council chairman directed her team to list and submit details of the number of affected households for possible intervention by her office.

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