Best things to do in Yaba

Yaba is a fast-growing city in Lagos, Nigeria and can be easily explored at leisure. There are many things to do and attractions to visit in this town. Also, being a growing town, there are many accommodation options. Newly independent singles and new families usually consider making a stop here to set up camp (if you know what I mean *winks*). You can halt here for a quick snack and take a little break from your journey around Lagos.

  • Eat at Lihao Chinese Cuisine

Lihao Chinese Cuisine is right in the heart of the mainland, situated at 2, Thorburn Avenue, Yaba, Lagos. Located on the ground floor of the Niger Palace Hotel and on the same street as the Afara Leadership Centre. Offers a cozy oriental style restaurant with an extensive range of Asian cuisine.

  • Go thrift shopping at Yaba Market

Yaba Market is also known as Tejuosho Market. Here you can buy anything from a pair of jeans, jackets, pants, suit, tuxedos, polos, t-shirts, bow ties, shoes to other fashionable accessories and second-hand clothes at knock-down prices. Yaba Market is open from morning to night so whatever time you arrive there, you’ll always find something interesting to buy.

  • Visit Jaekel House

Jaekel House, one of the oldest buildings located within the Nigerian Railway Compound Lagos, built circa 1900, is recognised as a fine example of colonial style tropical architecture. In a dilapidated state for years, the restoration of the building and extensive garden was completed in 2010 by Legacy1995, the Historical & Environmental Interest Group of Nigeria, with an upper floor Mini Museum.

  • Watch a movie at Ozone Cinemas

Located on Commercial Avenue, the E-Centre is one of the most popular entertainment hubs in Yaba that houses Ozone Cinemas. The adjoining streets have a lot of restaurants, bars and suya spots. So, if you’re in the area and want to watch a movie, this is the go-to spot.

  • Take a stroll inside UNILAG

Unilag has paved and linked walkways with trees that provide protection from the scorching sun. the paved roads are ideal for evening strolls and jogging for sports enthusiasts. While at it, ensure you visit the Lagoon Resort Waterfront which offers a rich view of the 3rd Mainland Bridge.

You can check out the list of the cities near Yaba and find out the top things to do in these towns. So, the next time you are in Yaba, you can decide which neighboring city to visit for a memorable trip.

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