Two confirmed dead in deadly cult clash in Ebute-Metta

Two people have been reportedly killed in a clash between two suspected rival cult gangs on Iya Agan Street, Ebute Metta, Lagos Mainland. 

According to a Punch report, the cultists engaged in free for all with different deadly weapons, including guns.

The gangs also took advantage of the melee to loot shops in the community leaving residents of the area in panic.

The aftermath of the fight which happened on Sunday,  January 9, 2022, caused tension in the area.

Commenting on the development, the Chief Security Officer, Lagos Mainland LGA, Ishola Agbodemu, said one of the cultist’s stomach was torn with a knife by a member of the rival group and he eventually died in a hospital.

The deceased’s cult retaliated by killing a member of the rival group. 

Agbodemu said; “We have two cult factions in Ebute Metta West: Kogbagidi Boys, led by Wewe Anointing, while the other group, Fagbayimu Olokodana Boys, was led by Skipoo (late), Kokobiri and Omo Simbi.

“Since 2010, they had been tormenting the neighbourhood. About two weeks ago, one of Olokodana’s Boys, called AZ, started terrorising Ilaje Otumara village in Mainland Apapa Road and all efforts to get him arrested was frustrated by his group. But this morning (Sunday), while they were returning from a street carnival, the two groups met at Iya Agan Junction and started fighting. We quickly intervened that they should not start the New Year with a fight. I also spoke to their leaders on the phone to call them to order; those boys work with the National Union Road Transport Workers.”

He continued saying; “Not long after we pleaded with them, I was at a burial when I was called that the boys had started killing one another. When we got to Otumara Ilaje, the Olokodana Boys had looted shops; they used a knife to tear the stomach of one of the other group’s members called Iya Oshe and also stabbed another person in the neck and they were rushed to a hospital.

“Iya Oshe died in the attack and in a reprisal, the other group went after the Olokodana group and killed one Abbey at Joseph Lambo Street, Apapa Road.”

Shortly after calm was restored, the hoodlums returned to the community at night with weapons and robbed residents.

The matter was reported at the Iponri Police Station as community leaders and the alleged cult leaders were invited for a meeting at the police station.

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