Yaba LCDA synergizes with others on health awareness

Yaba LCDA, in conjunction with the Rotary Club Eko Atlantic and Centrepoint Medical Service Ltd. organised a 1-day Free Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer screening and free feeding program.

The CEO of Centrepoint Medical Service, Mrs Abigail Simon-Hart a survivor of breast cancer sensitised participants on the awareness of breast cancer, she was emphatic on the need for early detection as a major component for survival of cancer.

She stressed that every woman must be observant and conscious of body feelings and change after menstrual period, if any strange feeling is experienced in the breasts, e.g a lump, such should be reported to a doctor for proper check-up as this would help to nip it in the bud if it happened to be cancer.

In furtherance, Mrs. Adenike Agboola-Fayemi, a Rotary member of Eko Atlantic enjoined women to be proactive on reaction or change in their body and also quick to seek medical help appropriately.

Breast and cervical cancer screening were conducted for participants. This was not the limit on the day as foodstuff were gifted to participants and lunch served to them.

Present at the occasion were the representative of the Executive Chairman, Mr Ilori, MoH of Yaba LCDA, Mrs Morayo Ismail, Eko Atlantic Rotary Club team amongst others.

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