We met in my 3rd year in University. According to him, it was some time in August 2011. It just so happens that he is better with dates and let’s just say remembering things in general than I am.

It was variety night at my hall that day and my family friend had just introduced us. I recall us outside the hall conversing for hours. We literally spoke about any thing and every thing that day.

By the end of the night, Mr. Man was severely attracted to me.

He’s always said it was love at first sight for him. There was something about me that he knew he had to have. He just knew, and went all out for it. Unapologetically so.

On the other  hand, it wasn’t the same with me. Don’t get me wrong, he made great conversations; I mean, he would keep me out and on the phone for hours, he seemed kind and thoughtful but I certainly wasn’t in love or even attracted to him just yet. Over the next few weeks he made sure to make his intentions known ever so passionately to me. He really fancied me.

I think I was in a “situationship” at the time so being with him was the last thing on my mind and truth be told, I still wasn’t attracted to him just yet.

Yet, he was persistent.

A part of me figured that once he graduated, he would move on considering he was in his final year and I still had about two more years to go.

Alas, even after he left he still had the hots for me. On several occasions, he travelled from Lagos or wherever he was at the time to see me in school. He would give anything to be with me. At this time, I was out of the situationship but still wasn’t ready to be in a relationship and told him that much. That didn’t faze him one bit as he was willing to wait for however long it took.

He was consistent, he knew what he wanted and set his face like a flint and would never give up till he got it.

It may be worth mentioning that in all of this, I made sure never to lead him on.

Many times he got really frustrated because I couldn’t love him the way he wanted when I very well knew he’d move mountains for me in a heartbeat.

In those times, he would tell me off and let me know he was done trying and that he was better off without me, rightfully so. I would feel bad about it but there was just so much I could do to make him feel better, all things considered.  So I would leave him be and pray he found someone that would make him happy.

It may take a month or even a year, but he somehow always came right back to me. Know that I don’t say this to brag. It was simply a testament to how badly he wanted me in his life.

Year in, Year out, he has always been there. My constant friend, my number one fan indeed and in deed. Everytime I post a picture, he’s right in my DM gushing about me or gassing me up, he is the first to read my stories and write ups and the first to like them too.

When I’m having a bad enough day and he gets wind of it, he wouldn’t let down till he knows I’m okay. Heaven knows he is the sweetest person I have met. He does not have all the money in the world but when it comes to his kindness and affection, I want for naught.

I have met guys of all types and forms, from different works of life that I care for and claim to care about me but in the end, it’s mostly about them and seldom about me. Same cannot be said of this chap,  who selflessly puts me above himself over and again.

It’s been nine years now.

Nine years of love, nine years of affection, nine years of consistently looking out for me, nine years of choosing me above others, nine years of pleasant surprises,nine years of being my number 1 fan, nine years of cheering me on and rooting for me.

It’s been nine years and I still don’t feel a thing for him.

Surely, I must be an utterly terrible person. Else, why can’t I love him like he does me or at least feel something?

It’s been nine years, and he is still waiting, holding on and keeping faith.

It’s. been. nine. years. and. I’m. still. numb

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