Makoko community CDA protest unlawful leadership

Aggrieved residents of Whanyina Church Lane Community Development Association (CDA), Makoko in Yaba Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Lagos State yesterday morning stormed the local council to protest an unwelcome and unlawful ruling over members of the community.

Leading the residents who carried placards expressing their frustrations was the spokesperson of the CDA, Mr Idowu Peter, who said the protest is a peaceful one meant to urge the government of Yaba to intervene in the affairs of the commuity.

“We are here for a peaceful rally, to fight for our rights which has been insulted. We do not want an unlawful set of community members ruling over us. We want a proper person that will represent us. The CDA members who were appointed by the community are the ones we want to legally direct our affairs, not someone who was forcefully imposed on us to be our leader.”

“This is why we are here today. We want the Chairman of Yaba LCDA to listen to our request and take appropriate action.”

Another resident, Risqat Oyenekan accused the former CDA chairman of mismanagement of funds, saying, “The previous chairman of the CDA mismanaged community funds for his personal use. We (members of the community) did not trust him. Even the present chairman, Hagbe, is untrustworthy. He was the secretary of the former administration.

“He was imposed on us by the Baale Towhe who happens to be his inlaw. This is why he is mismanaging the power and public funds put in his care.

“We have appointed Hunkanrin Suru Peter to be the Chairman and that is the person the community is in support of.”

The Chairman of Yaba LCDA, Hon. Kayode Omiyale was unavailable to address the crowd in person but sent a message of concern asking for a meeting with a select few of the community leaders on a later date.

The message was delivered by Hunkanrin Suru Peter, also known as Nairaokere, who is poised to be appointed to be the next CDA Chairman.

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