Casino Cinema – The Colosseum of Lagos

Today, Lagos is an embodiment of a cosmopolitan culture. It is a cosmopolitan metropolis with a multitude of cultures stemming from its multi-ethnic population. It is also the commercial hub of West Africa and therefore, anything that threatens its security will also threaten the economy of Nigeria and that of the West African region, by extension.

The Casino Cinema, the façade built like the Colosseum in Rome, was a semi-oval amphitheatre in Yaba.

On 6 July, 1967, Nigerian Civil War, also known as Biafra War, officially started. On July 19, 1967, there was a bomb explosion around Casino Cinema in Yaba, Lagos.

According to history, a fuel tanker loaded with fuel and explosives parked just in front of the Casino Cinema, when people were going inside the cinema.

One of the remains of that ruins, Casino Cinema, at Alagomeji was demolished in 2016. Casino Cinema, an iconic edifice of the 1970s/80s, which struggled, but failed to survive poor administration of the 1990s.

Just a few kilometres away from the legendary Kakadu Night Club at Alagomeji, Yaba area, the now-extinct Casino Cinema has been demolished to make way for an apartment building.

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