Downtown Grill redefines grill industry

Downtown Grill, a popular restaurant in Yaba, has become an incubator for grills, and is now stepping up with its appealing and luscious foods with the aim of meeting customers’ needs.

Established in 2020, Downtown Grill is set to redefine the finger food and grill industry by providing mouth-watering and irresistible meals and is an urban take-out and delivery restaurant that caters for both indoor and outdoor events.

Downtown Grill is normally known for its upscale grills and fries and an impressive list usually served in their cozy interior on Montgomery Road.

With the team making ready to celebrate its one year anniversary on May 18, Downtown Grills seems poised to become the next hub for incubating new restaurant concepts from within and without.

You can check them out on Instagram @downtowngrillng.

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