Tabitha looked at her watch for the umpteenth time; it was just half past two.
She needed the day to end; she could barely concentrate at work. All she could think about was the date she had with the love of her life that evening.

She smiled sheepishly at the thought of him.She took a sneak peek at her neatly written letter, she knew it would have been better typed but “who cares”, she thought. She knew what everyone thought of her and her erratic behavior and knew nothing she could ever do could surprise her colleagues.

Indeed, no one had ever expected much from her, not her family, not her friends, certainly not this community of weirdos she called “colleagues.”

Many times, she had wondered how she existed before she met Alex. He was undoubtedly the wind beneath her wings, the stilts that created a rift between her and her numerous failed attempts at love. Meeting him had certainly put to naught the “love is a myth” axiom. For she loved him, and him her and they were going to be together forever.

As the clock struck six, she folded the letter neatly on her table and hurried out of the office before anyone saw her.

She could not be late, today was a special day.
“Even the roads are rooting for us, Alex,” she thought to herself, for the roads were devoid of traffic- an odd turn of events for a Friday evening.

She slipped into the burgundy dress he got her for her last birthday, put on light makeup, and doused herself with his cologne – she had picked it off him the last time he slept over before his car accident.

She was ready at last. She set herself down on the couch with a glass of red wine in her left hand and waited.
Just as he came in with a huge smile flashed across his face, she heard the faint voice of the paramedics saying:
“Tabitha, stay with me,” “Tabitha, stay with me.”

Someone had found her suicide note.

  • Written by Oluwatelemi Ola-James
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