Sabo – The Silicon Valley of Lagos

The word “Sabo” is derived from Hausa language and it means “new”. Early Hausa migrants settled in the area, hence the Hausa origin of the name.

Sabo, Yaba is popularly regarded as the Silicon Valley of Lagos (Yabacon Valley), it is a commercial area and the home of many technology startups in Lagos like Go My Way, Andela, Techpoint, Crusaders, Jumia Travel, all located within the proximity of Sabo environs.

Overtime, Sabo has experienced steady and tremendous growth owing to the existence of a number of companies, financial organisations and other tech-driven businesses in the neighbourhood. Sabo is characterized by the presence of business owners, business leaders, top tech entrepreneurs, investors, among others.

Some notable banks within the Sabo environs include but not limited to Union Bank, First Bank, Fidelity Bank, Ecobank, Unity Bank and Access Bank. The presence of these banks equals availability of a good number of ATMs which makes financial transaction easier for residents and visitors.

The Sabo-Yaba roundabout connects to others parts of Sabo including Commercial Avenue, Aje Road. There are also streetlights that lighten up the area at night, as well as flowers and trees that beautiful some spheres. Nightlife at Sabo is lovely.

The popular Sabo Market is the perfect place for shopping for foodstuff and groceries. The market serves residents and visitors in Sabo as well as residents of other areas in Yaba. People from other areas also patronise this market. There are also a good number of fruit sellers in the area.

There are security divisions in Sabo among which are the Nigeria Police and the Nigerian Army Ordinance Corps (NAOC). Sabo is highly endowed with both private and public institutions ranging from educational to security, to entertainment and recreation.

You will fall in love with the sumptuous local delicacies Sabo has to offer. The various fast-food outlets in the fun places in Sabo, will make any fun-lover opt to reside there. The E-Centre, which houses the popular Ozone Cinemas is the most popular recreation centre there. White House is best known for its mouth-watering local delicacies ranging from Amala, Ewedu, Abula, Jollof rice and assorted meat of any kind.

Banilux Bar, also located at Sabo, has a lot on their menu like well-chilled drinks, beer and wines, pepper soup (beef, chicken, and fish), Nkwobi, Barbeque (chicken and beef), noodles, chips and so on. Domino’s Pizza and Coldstone Creamery are also very close to Sabo. There are other fun places in Yaba where residents can enjoy their leisure time.

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