Replace Damaged Pedestrian Bridges in Yaba, Road Users Beg F

Some residents and road users in Yaba have begged the Federal Government to replace the damaged footbridges on the Herbert Macaulay Way axis.

A portion of the footbridge at Sabo Bus Stop in Yaba, Herbert Macaulay Road, is no longer usable and has been abandoned for years. visited the site of the damaged footbridge and observed that some portions of the stairwell and the landing were rusted, weak and protested years of disuse.

However, the bridge was cordoned off on both sides with tires and heavy logs of wood.

Residents and road users told that the bridge was important and should be replaced or repaired.

Mr. Amos Udoeno, a commercial tricycle operator who plies WAEC Junction to Sabo called for the rehabilitation of all the bridges on the axis. Udoeno said that parts of other footbridges on the axis had been ripped off, steps and the walkways allowed users to see vehicles underneath through the holes.

“Only a few people use this metal bridge here at WAEC Junction, maybe because they do not trust the strength. I am calling on the government to repair the bridge at Barrack Bus Stop, this one here and all the others.

“The bridge is already weak, if it was concrete, this cannot happen, so government should change this one and all the bridges on this Herbert Macaulay Road to concrete,’’ he said.

Also, a retired civil servant, Mrs Priye Egi, appealed to the government to urgently fix the damaged bridge to protect the elderly on the axis.

“I just got down from Keke here and I am going to the barrack, but I cannot cross the road because these median barriers are too high and the other side of the road is used as a dual carriage.

“I am 69 years old, I have served the government of this country faithfully and building good pedestrian bridges that favour old people is what I am begging them for,” she said.

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