UEFA is Considering Allowing Single-owner Clubs to Participate in the Champions League

UEFA is considering allowing two or more clubs with one owner to participate in European competitions.

The president of the European football powerhouse said that a change in the rules is being discussed and this is one of the options. The specific occasion is the future of Manchester United . There is an offer from Qatar for the “red devils”, and the potential new owners are close to those of Paris Saint-Germain . The other offer for United is from Jim Ratcliffe, who owns Nice.

In a wide-ranging interview with Gary Neville, Ceferin apologized for the trouble Liverpool fans experienced in last year’s Champions League final. He revealed that Manchester City and Chelsea were hesitant about the Super League from the start.

Asked about the potential conflict of two clubs under one owner participating in the same tournament, Ceferin replied: “We are not only thinking about Manchester United . We have five or six club owners who want to buy another club. We have to see what we can do.

“The options are to keep things as they are now or to allow similar clubs to participate in one tournament. I’m not sure yet. There is increasing interest. We should not say “no” to investments in more than one club, but we should see what rules to define”.

The head of UEFA commented that the Super League cannot exist without the English clubs and added that he is not worried about the financial dominance of the Premier League. “I’m not worried about it. I think the Premier League is doing a good job and the other leagues should do better,” he said.

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